Schlegeis reservoir Zillertal

Cancellation of the Schlegeis 3000
Vertical - Skyrace - Trailrun 2024

With regret, we must announce the decision to cancel the Schlegeis3000 Skyrace for the year 2024. This decision was made after thorough consideration and intensive consultation with our team and partners.

The economic challenges of the past years have led to significant cost increases and a considerable rise in organizational efforts. For us as private organizers of the Schlegeis3000, it is impossible under these circumstances to conduct the event according to our high standards and expectations. We cannot guarantee the quality, safety, and experience for all involved – from the athletes to the spectators – under the current conditions.

Another major reason for our decision is a significant change within our organizing team, which has impaired our capacities for hosting such an event. Moreover, the search for sponsors and partners in these uncertain times has become increasingly difficult, exerting additional pressure on our planning and resources.

We are deeply disappointed and share the pain with everyone who was looking forward to the Schlegeis3000. However, we are grateful for the development of the event over the past five years and proud of the numerous sporting achievements and records. The Schlegeis3000 Skyrace has evolved into one of the most challenging and beautiful Skyraces internationally and was a showcase event in trail running. We had the honor of being part of the international Skyrunning World Series, the national Skyrunning Series, and hosting Austrian Skyrunning and Trail Running Championships, thereby bringing the world elite of trail runners to the Zillertal. These successes are the result of hard work, passionate dedication, and support from our organizing committee, volunteers, partners, sponsors, and promoters.

We would like to express our heartfelt thanks to every athlete, sponsor, partner, and volunteer who was part of this wonderful journey. You have made the Schlegeis3000 Skyrace an event full of passion, challenge, and camaraderie.

We look forward to the future with optimism and use this time to strengthen the foundation for upcoming projects. We hope to revive the Schlegeis3000 Skyrace one day - stronger and more inspiring than ever before.

Thank you for your understanding and continued enjoyment on the trail running trails in the mountains. 👋
Your Schlegeis3000 Team

Top Highlights 2023

Skyrunner World
Vertical Austria Series
(Austria state championship)
Skyrunner Austria
Trailrunning Cup
ASTA World Championship
Qualifying Race


4,9 km


1100 hm+

Elevation gain

1 Checkpoint


1 Labestation



The Schlegeis Vertical Race is held as a separate discipline at Schlegeis3000. So the uphill specialists also get your bill.

34 km


2380 hm+

Elevation gain

7 Checkpoints


3 Labestationen


The Challenge

High alpine terrain, demanding technical difficulties, via ferrata elements, safety ropes, rocky sections, steep ascents/descents, 2 ascents to almost 3000 m above sea level, …

17 km


1200 hm+

Elevation gain

3 Checkpoints


2 Labestationen


Trailrun Deluxe

Breathtaking trail on the most beautiful panoramic mountain trails of the Zillertal. Class & team ratings for the Schlegeis 3000 Challenge Cup.



Total running distance of all trails



Total height of all trails


Highest point in meters

Highest point in the Skyrace



Skyrace & Trailrun

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