Schlegeis 3000 Trailrun

Both trail running enthusiasts and hobby trail runners will be equally impressed by the 17km long Schlegeis 3000 trail run route. Climbing over 1,200 m up to the "Neumarkter Runde" high level trail and the famous Olpererhütte, trail runners will experience an unforgettable panorama; before then running at an altitude of about 2,500 m along the the flanks of the mountain, on the famous Berliner Höhenweg trail towards Friesenberghaus. The finish is back at Schlegeis Reservoir.



1200 hm+

Elevation gain

3 Checkpoints


2 Labestationen


Trailrun Deluxe

Start & Finish:
At the parking lot at the crown of the dam / s'Raschtl

Start -> to Zamsereck -> after parking turn right -> Trail „Neumarkter Runde“ -> Climb to Unterschrammachkees -> 1. Checkpoint Trailrun -> Turn right to Olpererhütte -> Olpererhütte (2. Checkpoint Trailrun, 1.Labestation) -> Run over the Berlin Höhenweg in the direction of Friesenberghaus -> Turn right to the descent direction Friesenberghaus -> Friesenberghaus (3. Checkpoint Trailrun, 2.Labestation) -> Descent towards Schlegeis Reservoir -> Dominikushütte -> FINISH

The Schlegeis 3000 TRAILRUN is part of the ATRA Austrian Trail Running Cup.

We are proud that the Schlegeis 3000 TRAILRUN is part of the Austrian Trail Running Cup organized by the Austrian Trail Running Association(ATRA).

In addition, teams, companies and clubs can also compete in a separate team classification in a bid for the first Schlegeis 3000 Challenge Cup.

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